Lightweight Intelligent System Automation

L.I.S.A. is a home automation system that learns to know your habits, like SIRI or Google Now, you can ask questions, interact with your connected devices (lights, heaters and more). But L.I.S.A. do not stop there, it will ask questions if it thinks that you need something. For example when you wake up, it will ask if you want coffee or turn on the TV on the channel you're used to watch in the morning.

The purpose of L.I.S.A. is to make home automation and new technologies available to all, in a simple way, and what could be easier for this than speaking ?
L.I.S.A. will also be available via a web interface, a mobile application iOS / Android but also connected watches via Apple Watch / Android Wear.


  • Manage all your home automation device
  • Let L.I.S.A. remind you event, alarm
  • Create your scenario
  • Get informations about your connected car
  • Get informations about your health
  • Create your own voice command
  • XBMC integration
  • Ask L.I.S.A. about anythings
  • ...


Aumard Jimmy
Bouhnick Sarah
Business Plan

Ghini Lisa

Kassis Caroline


If you have some questions, or if you want more informations about L.I.S.A., don't hesitate to contact us